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First off, I know. Luxraychu? Stupid user name. Obviously, One of my favorites is Luxray, but my other isn't any of Pichu family. It should be my family nickname, Snorlax! Man, my user should be luxax or snorlux. You know, snorlux doesn't sound so bad. So those are my loves, but I do like eeveeloutions. My personal favorite is leafeon. However I feel the need to share some of my ideas for future ones. I will add this section in a bit. Before I figure out the banana to add those cool side things that tell people about me, I'll say this. I'm male, In my teens, and stared to game pokemon when I picked up pokemon emerald version. My starter was torchic. I then got pokemon platinum, and choose turtwig. Then, heart gold and Cyndaquil. Finally, I got Black and choose Oshawott. I'm also a major hacker, and I have an AR dsi. I use it for shiny's, and collecting event pokemon that I missed. My favorite shiny is espeon, and by extension my favorite color is green. I'm Canadian and I live in ontario. In heart gold I have caught every single one. Call me cheesy, but my favorite legendary is Arceus.

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As I've said, and as you might have guessed, I'm not all that good at wikicode, so I am incapable of making a table. So, I'll just list off my ideas.


When a male eeve is leveled up in a certain place (the same as for the evoulotion of Diameon)evee will become the steel type razeon becomes Razeon. It body is mainly grey, with ears resembling blades, and tail similar to the one skarmory has. Its highest stat would be defense.


With jagged multicolored crystal producing from a brown body, she is the rock type eeveeloution. When she is leveled up in a certain place as a female eevee, she becomes this. It would have a high special defense, with jagged crystal ears and a sleek brown tail with out crops of crystal.