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249Lugia.pngWelcome to my Bulbapedia Lugia Lair subpage!249Lugia.png
LugiaThis subpage is not complete and has cool plans for the future.Lugia

Lugia Lovers Unite

Please sign below with a <br>, the corresponding number, and three ~~~ if you are a fan of Lugia and would like to join the Lugia Lair.

1. -Lūgīā (Tālk δ Ēdīts)
2. CuboneKing


Here are some usertags that I have made either about Lugia or to make fun of Ho-Oh. Feel free to copy any of them for your own userpage.

249.png This user has an obsession with Lugia.
Legendary birds.png This user loves the Legendary birds.
This Pokémon is better than this one.
250.png This user is going to eat fried Ho-Oh for Thanksgiving.
250.png This user thinks that Ho-Oh should be the mascot of KFC.