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Feebas and Beauty



After catching one of these little buggers, the next step is evolving it. I'm not going to go into any detail about catching them (just surf around Route 119 fishing... forever), but instead focus on the evolution part. Let's call it Project Milotic.

DISCLAIMER: This little guide is written assuming you have a Feebas, access to berries or knowledge of growing them, general understanding and skill with the Berry Blender, and no one (other than the devious NPCs) to blend berries with. That is all.

Evolution Criteria

Feebas evolves when grows a level after it's Beauty is maxed out. Pretty simple sounding, but the trick is feeding it enough Pokéblocks to max out its beauty before it fills up. By the way, Beauty is blue (or indigo, more on this later) and the "flavor" associated with it is Dry.


Before moving on, the Feebas's Nature is very important to note. In addition to boosting/reducing certain stats, natures determine what types of Pokéblocks the Pokémon likes and dislikes. In short, if your Feebas has a nature that dislikes Dry then you need to find (or breed) another one if you want to evolve it.

Likes Dry Dislikes Dry
Mild Careful
Modest Impish
Quiet Adamant
Rash Jolly

Anything nature other than these are "neutral" toward Dry Pokéblocks.

Berries and Blending

If you are one of the lucky few who has friend who are willing to link up just to blend berries then you can skip this section. On the other hand, if you are one of the rest of us that has to bend to the iron will of "MISTER" and co. this part is especially crucial.

As you well know, when you throw your berry, carefully selected for its certain flavor, into the void of the Berry Blender you are at the mercy of the NPCs to determine what color Pokéblock you get out of the whole ordeal. (Just so we're clear, in order to evolve Feebas you want to get a Blue or Indigo Pokéblock out of the Blender.) There are four Berry Blenders in the game:

And, due the the presence of different NPCs at each one (except MISTER... hmm...) the result for each berry you choose to throw in will be slightly different in each town.

HOWEVER, the mystery has finally been solved and MISTER's devious secrets unraveled to bring you this chart. Use it well:

Verdanturf/Fallarbor Slateport Lilycove
Cornn Indigo Indigo Indigo
Hondew Indigo
Kelpsy Indigo Indigo
Wiki Blue Indigo Indigo
Pamtre* Indigo Indigo Indigo
NOTE: To obtain the Pamtre Berry, talk to the Berry Master's Wife and say "Challenge Contest"

Now, you may have noticed that quite a few berries that do indeed make Blue and Indigo Pokéblocks have been left out of the chart. It is important to know that to max out any stat, only the highest quality berries should be used. In other words, if you fed your Feebas only 'blocks made out of any of these lesser berries (Chesto, Oran, etc. etc.) it WOULD NOT have maxed out its Beauty before it was full of berries.



So after collecting your berries and blending them up into 'blocks, feed them until your Feebas is at maximum Beauty (you can tell because it will stop increasing when you feed the Pokémon a 'block) and train it (or Rare Candy it) up one level and you've got yourself a Milotic!