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Hey dudes and chicks. I'm a user on Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokemon encyclopedia.

Basic Information

I'm an eighteen year old female from the Midwest section of the United States. I have a compulsion to correct the grammar and spelling of others. Some feel that it's gotten to an extreme degree, but I feel it's perfectly natural.

History With Pokemon

I love the original Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow titles and have an obsessive interest in their number of glitches. I recently got back into Pokemon after purchasing Leaf Green, but other than that I haven't played an installment since the Gold/Silver/Crystal era. I'm not really into the anime, but it brings back some positive memories for me.

Hobbies and Activities

Work, college, friends, music, reading, video games, and my lovely girlfriend take up most of my time. I try to take a break from life and go on a hike or nature walk as much as I can.

Learning is an activity I love and I find appreciation in all forms of life and ideas.