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Kanjo is the psuedonym (histume) of Anthony Kelly, a guy who likes to make himself appear well spoken and intelligent but is really just a lazy bulbapedian with some wiki experience.

Sorry, I had to introduce it like that, I just had to. BTW, I speak decent Japanese... it might come in handy!

I'm a Diamond player mostly but I also have FireRed, LeafGreen, Emerald, Blue and Gold (still!)... I think still having Blue and Gold is an impressive feat so, despite not having a functional game boy color, I intend to keep them.

Who I really am... I'm an 18yo male from Dublin, Ireland. I'm in college studying education and training and no, I don't think i'm too old to watch or play Pokémon so there.

My Favorites

I'll stick in pictures later, I just want something here.

Dontcha just love the Diamond national dex, I get to catch all my favorite Pokémon without cheating or even trading...

Lv. 68
Lv. 70
Lv. 60
Lv. 83

My Favorites of each type are

(Castform doesn't count)

(It was close with Lucario but I just prefer Heracross)

(It's so cool isn't it? I was gonna replace it with dragonite but I love swellow and dragonair)

  • Poison - errr Crobat's pretty cool

(Golem and Onix are pretty good too)

(it HAS to be sudowoodo)

  • Bug - Beautifly

(hard choice. If scythers anime cry didn't freak me out so much...)

(I often use normal/flying types against ghosts because they can't get me but I have lots of flying type moves I can get them with. But Rotom is good against flying, water and phychic (only three possible combinations with normal) so people can't use this against me)

(Slightly tough but Empoleon's also my favorite water type)

(you're gonna see alot of eeveelutions from here on in)

(VERY TOUGH! There's soo many cool water types like Starmie, Kingler, Blastoise, PIPLUP etc.)

(EASY. Though there are many GREAT grass types like Shaymin and the Bulba, Leafeon is my all time fav. so it gets the win)

(Pachirisu is close and magneton would be third if I didn't hate it the same way that I hate Bronzor/Bronzong. Don't ya just wish they would die? Plusle and Minun are really cute too.. Electrike is way to 80's for it's own good)

(cute as a button, a pink one.)

(whadid I say about eeveelutions)

(Coolest back sprite)

(that wasn't very hard. most dark types do not appeal to me)