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Hello, I'm Kamikarasu. I'm planning on launching my own site by next summer or so. It will be called 'Pokejin', and yes there are multiple meanings to this name. It will have features such as:

  • In-depth analyses of each Pokemon's japanese name. It will be MUCH more extensive than on this site. Japanese pokemon names are VERY clever, sometimes having six or more different meanings. I have found many, many meanings not put down on this site, but I feel that so many name meanings would be hard to comprehend amongst each other unless in the form of diagrams, something which might not work as well on this site. I'll put up an example soon.
  • Clear Ken Sugimori artwork would be another feature. I'm also fond of rendering Sugimori artwork. I might put up an example.
  • Something that cannot be done on this site: to make inferences and analyses concerning future generations. (5 and onward.) Though it may seem like there is nothing we can correctly predict about future generations, there are actually many very predictable factors.

(It's hard to explain all this in words!)

Unfortunately, let's just say that I don't have any experience in creating my own website. I need some help if I'm planning on launching a website. If anyone is interested in linguistics, Ken Sugimori, etc. and is interested in helping me out, I would appreciate the help! I can assure that, if I learned how to create my own site, I can almost certainly assure everyone that they'd find AT LEAST one thing they didn't know about Pocket Monsters. Mostly this would be concerning the origins of Japanese Pokemon names.

Why I joined Bulbapedia:

I have joined Bulbapedia to:

  • Upload clear PNG-formatted snipped screenshots from Pocket Monsters movies. I snip hundreds of screenshots from each movie, but on this site, I only plan to upload one each time I see a screenshot on an article that I feel needs replacement.
  • Fix stubs and give more insight to certain articles, correct common mistakes, etc.