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K2JMan, or just K2J is a user of Bulbapedia, having joined on 18 November 2008. He lives in the United States of America and has been playing the Pokémon games since grade school. He's not that much of a fan of the anime, however. His favorite Pokémon is Eevee.

K2J is also a part of the Sonic the Hedgehog community, though in a very skeptical way. He has a love-hate relationship with Nintendo, loving the games they make, but hating the unfortunate business decisions they make.

At 448 caught, K2J's Pokémon Diamond Pokédex is his most complete yet; he had previously obtained the original 151 in LeafGreen, including a legitimate event Mew. His next objective is to obtain the three Legendary Golems, followed by playing through Pokémon Colosseum and obtaining the majority of the missing items from his Pokédex.

K2J is a spade, being interested in the various glitches and inner workings of the Pokémon games. He also tends to try to reduce the use of the "Poké" syllable when speaking about the franchise, perferring "Monster" in place of "Pokémon", for instance. However, he is adamantly a fan of the Western series as opposed to the original Japanese one, a feeling he shares with the Ace Attorney series.