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Jedi Striker (born August 16, 1987) is an American actor and singer, and a co-admin of Inheriwiki, a Wikipedia designed for the Inheritance Cycle (my profile will be a like I was talking about someone).

Early life and Background

His mother is a retired dental hygenist, and his father is a doctor of dentistry with his own practice. He has a younger sister who is a senior in high school, and an older half-sister going back to college. Striker first got into acting when his parents enrolled him in a summer program, doing a small kids play. In grade school, he particpated in several sports, from football to baseball, basketball, soccer, and tennis.


Striker graduated from high school in 2006. He went to one college for a year and then transfered in 2007 to another. He is currently studying political science with a minor in theatre. He has one more year of undergraduate studies with dreams of going to law school.

Acting career

Striker's acting career began in 2000 when he got involved in a Bible study camp for children. He started with New Testament stories, doing a different story every day for the week of the camp, playing roles such as the angel Gabriel and Jesus. He then shifted to Old Testament stories and continued to work in the camp for another seven years, performing such roles as Moses, Elijah, Abraham, David, and a Phillistine lord. When a drama club was first started in his grade school in 2002, he was cast in a play called A Funny Thing Happened On The Way to Jericho, and then was cast as Oliver Warbucks in Annie Jr.

In high school, he focused mainly on musicals, doing an occasional regular play on the side. He did chorus parts for Hello, Dolly! and Footloose!, and received his first name parts in Bye Bye, Birdie! and in Guys and Dolls. In the summer before switching colleges, he was cast as the Duke in a production of Big River, playing the roles of a schoolteacher and Silas Phelps on the side. He joined a student run theatre organization called Off The Lake Productions (OTL for short) and was cast in the musical Aida. With OTL's current show, Urinetown, Striker decided to work as a crew member, doing sound effects and props.


Striker began reading Eragon around the time it was published. His mother got him into reading it as he was fan of the Harry Potter series. Deeply enriched by the book, he received Eldest on his 18th birthday, and bought Brisingr in 2008. He found Inheriwiki in November, and became an active member. He likes to work on putting down true facts on articles, nitpicking on spelling, and trying to find vandalism. On January 15th, he ran for an administrator position. On January 20, 2008, Striker was elected as a co-administrator. He hopes to perform in his new office to the best of his ability.

Personal Life

Striker never reveals his true name. He holds a purple belt in Kenpo. In high school, he played varsity tennis since his freshman year and won the "Most Improved Player" award his senior year. He played saxophone in 5th grade, but then swtiched gears to trumpet from sixth grade till his senior year in marching, concert, and pep band. He began to improve his voice his junior and senior years by taking vocal lessons from two different teachers. In college, he took up a year of fencing, and is currently a member of the Sigma Pi fraternity, and a member of a Harry Potter club. He plans to start a club for the Inheritance Cycle. He doesn't know if he's supposed to have a profile like this, and will remove it if necessary. He enjoys swimming, exercising, video games, and eating a lot.

Stage Work

  • Bible Camp - various roles (2000-2007)
  • A Funny Thing Happened On The Way to Jericho - Samaritan / Jesus (2002)
  • Annie Jr. - Oliver Warbucks (2002)
  • Inherit the Wind - Timmy (2002)
  • Hello, Dolly! - Chorus (2003)
  • Anne of Green Gables - Gilbert Blythe (2004)
  • Footloose! - Chorus (2004)
  • Tom Jones - Mr. Square (2004)
  • Bye Bye, Birdie - Harvey Johnson (2005)
  • Guys & Dolls - Rusty Charlie (2006)
  • Big River: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn - Schoolteacher/Duke/Silas Phelps (2007)
  • Aida - Chorus (2008)
  • Urinetown - Crew (2009)

Personal info

  • AIM screen name / email: tennisstar816(
  • Wikipedia name: Jedi Striker
  • Occupation: Inheriwiki Administrator