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About Me

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Hey, I'm jas61292. While I only just started doing stuff on Bulbapedia recently, I have been a huge Pokémon fan since the beginning. It all started when one of my friends gave me a Diglett card back when we were in kindergarten. I ever since been a fan of all things Pokémon, but until gen IV got me into competitive battling, I was no more than just an average fan. Nowadays it seems like everything I do is Pokémon related. I have turned many people into fans and turned many fans into bigger fans.

While the main series is still my one true love, during the fourth generation, especially 2010, I have discovered many other awesome Pokémon things. Starting at the beginning of February 2010, I watched every episode of the Pokémon anime (Through all the joy and pain. Though most of the joy came early on and the pain came later), becoming current before June. I have also read through the emerald chapter of Adventures, and I plan on reading more of that soon. Basically, what it comes down to is that if something is Pokémon related and in English (I don't do subs/imports/that kind of stuff), then if I haven't seen/read/played it yet, I will get to it at some point.