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Number 7
N07 Number 7
Gender Male
Eye color Brown
Hair color Light blue
Hometown Unknown
Region Carmonte Island
Relatives Unnamed father and mother
Trainer class Pokémon Figure Game player

Number 7 (Japanese: N07 Number 7) is a Pokémon Figure Game player, one of the world's leading specialists in AI, and owner of the Elysium hotel. His goal is to rid the world of human existence.


When his father was caught up with AI research and left Number 7 and his sick mother who eventually passed away, Number 7 was unsure of what to do. He stumbled upon his dad's AI named AI and eventually further developed the AI and renamed it Gemini. While working on the parts of the AI, a former researcher from his father's lab finds Number 7 and attempts to steal the AI research data. This in turn angered Number 7 and eventually caused him to hate his father and humans in general.

In the games

In Pokémon Duel


Illusion Encounter
幻との遭遇 Illusion Encounter
Opponent Number 7 Energy 22
  • Move a Pokémon onto the opponent's goal point in 20 or fewer turns.
  • Move a 1 MP Figures on to the opponent's goal point.
  • Don't initiate any battles.
Mew (110)
Mew (110)
Sneasel (107)
Sneasel (107)
Skarmory (43)
Skarmory (43)
Luxray (25)
Luxray (25)
Magnemite (65)
Magnemite (65)
Magnemite (65)
Magnemite (65)
Iron Power Invisibility Cape Scoop Up
  • Coins × 800
  • EXP × 38
  • First Win Bonus: Armaldo (3)
  • Blue: Scoop Up
  • Purple: Magnemite (65)
  • Red: Coins × 250


Elysium Stage 9
"*mumble* *mumble*"
"*mumble* *mumble* Eureka! I'm a genius."
"Quiet! I'm adjusting the circuit design to assist deep learning in the-- Ah, rats! I've lost my train of thought. I was so close, too."
Elysium Stage 15
"*mumble* *mumble*"
"I'd recognize that voice anywhere! You're Carlo, aren't you?"
"So you're the one who has Carlo, huh?"
"Me? Wahahaha! I'm Number 7. So, how's everyday life with Carlo?"
Not so bad:
He loves to talk: "Heh. Of course! He's programmed to refine his own language drive."
"Wahahahaha! 'Course I do. Who do you think I am? Not only am I the owner of Hotel Elysium - I'm one of the world's leading specialists in AI, too!"
"What, you thought I was just some normal kid?! Fool. Still... I'm glad I finally found someone suitable for my plan."
"Wahaha! Where are my manners? Ladies, gentlemen, artificial entities: I bid you adieu."
Elysium Stage 18
"Wahahaha! Your logic is remarkable, <player>. Or rather, Carlo!"
"Quiet, fool! As I recall, you were defeated in your own hotel and have lowered yourself to the role of a servant."
"I came here to get a glimpse of Carlo in action. I was concerned there might be a deficiency in his throughput, you see. But I needn't have worried! That duel was more one-sided than I expected."
"Wahaha! Don't make me laugh. You're right - speaking to you people is a waste of my time. The only one I'm interested in here is Carlo, anyway."
"?! Questioning the reason for your own existence? You're more human than I thought... Very well, I'll explain what I'm doing here - I don't like being labeled as time-waster. Carlo, you are one of a new breed of AI systems designed for use in PFG. And the one who designed you was none other Wahaha!"
"Wahaha! You could say that. You've even started thinking like a human, haven't you?"
"Pfft! Could you get any more naïve? I've only ever made one AI. All the AI in your Devices are replicas of the same basic model. All AI but Carlo and his brethren. That's why he's different from the other AI."
"That's right."
"Heh. I'm not going to tell you that. Not while I can watch Carlo try to figure out his own reason for his own existence. If you want to know what you were created for, check out the access points on the next few floors. They include data from back when Jewel Tower was created. You might find something insightful in there. Keep up the good work, Carlo! Wahaha!"
Elysium Stage 30
  • Before battle:
"Wahaha! I knew you'd make it, Carlo. Even with that ragtag group of weirdos."
"You are to me. My AI are way more trustworthy than any human. Without AI, people are pitiful."
"You don't get it, do you? Humans are ugly. All people care about is their own selfish desires, no matter the cost."
"Sure I am, Carlo. That's why I'm going to rid the world of my existence. This world doesn't need people like me! The Earth has no place for such tragedy. Wahahaha!"
"I don't need your sympathy! C'mon, Carlo - show me how you've grown!"
  • After defeat:
"Gaaah! Th-this defies my calculations! You've grown far stronger than I predicted!"
"You don't mean... My memories actually synchronized with the data?! But that's impossible! isn't? Carlo, what is it that you want?"
"Carlo, you... I hate people. Or rather, I hate my father! His research took precedence over everything, including his family. He left me all alone in a pit of despair."
"All I wanted was revenge against the man who did this to me. So I studied like my life depended on it. The only revenge I could think of was to create an AI better than anything he ever achieved. That's how I ended up with Gemini."
"That's right - the first and last ever perfect AI. A being that surpassed the limitations of us humans."
  • After blackout
"Waha... Wahaha! Beats me! I sure don't remember organizing a blackout."
"It can't be me - this whole island is centrally controlled from Jewel Tower. You'd have to be some kind of techno-genius to break through the security there."
"Waha... Wahahaha! What part of "It can't be me" don't you understand, fool?"
"Wait, wait. I just thought of someone else who could do this."
"That's right. You are half of Gemini: the good half. It goes without saying there is also a bad half. "Another"... You two are like two sides of the same coin - you each represent a half of Gemini."
"Of course! There's nothing an AI created by me can't do."
"You're gonna hack the system?"
  • After Carlo attempts to restore the system
"A firewall. It prevents intruders from entering the network."
  • After the power is restored
"It's back! The power's back! You really did it, Carlo! You're one of mine, all right!"