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Hi I'm Hisenver.

I am conducting experiments on berries in my Pokémon Diamond for the Project BerryDex.

No, I am NOT interested in battling over WiFI, my team isn't good enough yet. But, I do trade lots of stuff over WiFi. My Pokémon Diamond name is Peter.

I am really just interested in researching Pokémon and making a complete, accurate database for all things Pokémon. When I stumbled upon Bulbapedia one day, I almost fainted I was so excited.

My favorite Pokemon: Empoleon

My favorite berry: Razz Berry

Pokémon I breed: Empoleon, Eevee, anything I really need

Pokémon games I have: Gold, Ruby, Firered, Leafgreen, Diamond

Also, in case you're wondering, I do have a WiFi hotspot at my house

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