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Hello, hola, bonjour, konnichiwa... and all that stuff~! I'm Hikari~Haruka! I have the same username on Bulbagarden Forums, and my name on Serebii Forums is 'sweetpikachu' (If you're from Serebii, and are seeing this page, you probably know me!! =D) Anyways, I am a HUGE fan of Pokémon (Why do think I'm here, to discuss bananas!?). I'm just a little bit wierd, but I can be really awesome once you get to know me. ♥


Yep, you read right people, Shippings. I am a HUGE Shipper. Here are my top faves:

PearlShipping (Ash x Dawn) MY BIGGEST FAVORITE. I LOVE Pearlshipping so much (I have a Pearlshippy backround on my phone~!). To me, Ash and Dawn are perfect for eachother. I'm pretty much a Pearlshipping fangirl. If ANYBODY bashes my beloved Pearlshipping, they'll be VERY sorry... *evil smile*

HH rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

ContestShipping (May x Drew) Second biggest fave. Come on people, the roses, the blushing, Harley (Oh come on, the guy is a PRO at teasing! XD)! Seriously, Contest showed some great hints.

HH rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

AdvanceShipping (Ash x May) Thrid biggest fave. I mean, this one is good. Especially the ribbon... yeah, good times. But going to other hints, Ash and May had a real good friendship. Not to mention, they both had Bulbasaurs (VineShipping, anyone? XD)!

HH rating: ☆☆☆

ShoppingShipping (Brock x May) Fourth Biggest Fave. Don't you think that May and Brock's personalities are kinda similar? Brock was all (girl)crazy, while May had that bubbly, kinda wacky side of her. In my opinion, they would actually look pretty awesome together.

HH rating: ☆☆☆☆

PikaShipping (Ash x Pikachu) Fifth biggest fave. I don't support it in a "love" kind of way, but in friendship though. Ash and Pikachu are best friends. They know that they can trust eachother, that's what I like about them. =)

HH rating: ☆☆

SapphirePearlShipping (May x Dawn) Sixth biggest fave. This is another one I like in a friendship kind of way. To me, May and Dawn looked like awesome friends. They were perfect. May was the funny one, while Dawn was the fangirlish one (Hey! That's my job! XD)~!

HH rating: ☆☆☆

IkariShipping (Paul x Dawn) Seventh biggest fave. I know, people think that just because Dawn is all bubbly and sweet, and Paul is... uhh... I won't even go there, this Ship has, like, NO chance of happening. But, you never know... Don't sweet and bubbly girls eventually get through to those kind of guys...? ;)

HH rating: ☆

Well, those are my top Shippings! ♥

~Pokémon Animé~

If I'm here, you can obviously guess that I also like the Animé. Well... you're right (You're not getting anything though!)! I'm a big fan. My top favorite characters are: Ash, May, and Dawn. To be honest (DON'T LAUGH!), I actually had a CRUSH on Ash when I was like, 5. I know, it's pretty laugh-worthy. I laugh too sometimes! ♥

But, here's the thing...

Don't hate me, but I prefer the NEW voice actors better than the first. I know, I know, you're saying, "Like, OMG! Hikari~Haruka likes the NEW voices! UGH! How could she!?" Here's the thing, they're actually pretty experienced. My top faves for voice actors are: Sarah Natochenny, Emily Jenness and Michele Knotz. Come on, I've actually HEARD their work, and their pretty good too. Don't go saying, "Ugh! Well, Veronica Taylor is more experienced with voice acting!" Not exactly my friends, not exactly! When I read the Recasting Controversy article, it said that she was fresh out of Acting School when she landed Ash. People, come on. Just LET IT GO. They're just VOICE ACTORS! If you don't like them, don't watch Pokémon!!


Okay, my rant's over. ♥


As I said before, I'm a HUGE fan of Pokémon. I hope you liked reading about me~! (And if you didn't, well... TOO BAD!) XD

-Hikari~Haruka ♥