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Who am I?

I'm a boy named Harry... yep, you didn't guess that from my username... I am hoping to help in the GlitchDex. Well I'm bored. I'm ending this section. I am. Really. It's ended. Stop reading this section. OKay. You can read what's below. Now this bit's finished. Serious. Stop reading this. Now...


I am currently making a story about MissingNo. and such. It can be found here. It is still under construction...

You story sucks!

What the-? Who said that? Don't make me get my Charizard on you! Or my Mew!

You have a Mew?

I did a Mew glitch. I flew away from a man before he could battle me and then battled a young boy's Slowpoke. Mew decided to pay me a visit. I love that glitch.

Rare Pokemon I have

151.png This user has a Mew.