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Sylveon using Draining Kiss on an infatuated Froakie

MoonPulseShipping (Japanese: ケロニン KeroNin) is the belief that Ash's Froakie and Penelope's Sylveon belong in a romantic relationship. They had first met during a battle against each other. Ultimately, Sylveon won with a combination attack against Froakie, using Attract and Draining Kiss. This caused Froakie to be embarrassed around her.


Froakie's Hints

  • Froakie refused Sylveon's gesture with a small blush, signifying it's embarrassment around her.
  • He was quite shocked at Sylveon's predicament (along with Pikachu though) alluding that he does indeed care for her.
  • When Sylveon was trapped inside the tube, Froakie noticeably tried it's hardest to save her.
  • Froakie chose to release Sylveon first instead of Pikachu, who is more aquatint with him, and despite his initial attitude towards her.
  • When Sylveon thanked him with an affectionate nuzzle, he quickly backed away in surprise and embarrassment while blushing.

Sylveon's Hints

  • Sylveon offered Froakie a pellet of the Pokemon food Bonnie had given to her, signifying it's friendliness and desire to be close with it.
  • After being captured, Sylveon expresses it's uneasiness at Froakie pushing his self to break glass tube with Water Pulse.
  • She stares at Froakie in worry while he tries to physically break the glass tube.
  • Sylveon thanks Froakie by nuzzling against him affectionately, showing possible feelings for him.

Name origins

  • MoonPulse - This name is the combination of Sylveon's move Moonblast and Froakie's move Water Pulse.
  • WaterNymph - This name comes from Froakie being a Water-type and Sylveon's Japanese name Nymphia, which is related to it's typing, Fairy.
  • KeroNin - This stems from the combination of their Japanese name pronunciations, Keromatsu and Ninfia. It should be noted that the 'Nin' half could reference Froakie and it's evolution lineage being ninja like.


  • Interestingly in the Pokemon Adventures during the X and Y chapter, Y's Froakie, Kerokero showed some attraction towards her other Pokemon Vuivui, who eventually evolved into Sylveon in the same chapter. This was showed after she had used Baby-Doll Eyes on him, mirroring the effect of Sylveon's Attract on Froakie. Tierno and Trevor amusingly commented that he fell into a "beauty trap" with her.
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