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Here's some of my decks I couldn't find a category for.


SS-EX Sandstorm

DS-EX Delta Species

SW-Secret Wonders

ND-Night Dashing

Quntity Card Name Type Rarity
x2 Burmy Plant Cloak (SW) Grass Common
x3 Burmy Sandy Cloak (SW) Grass Common
x1 Wormadam Plant Cloak (SW) Grass Rare
x1 Wormadam Sandy Cloak (SW) Fighting Rare
x1 Mothim (SW) Grass Rare
x2 Shellos East Sea (SW) Water Common
x2 Shellos West Sea (SW) Water Common
x1 Gastrodon East Sea (SW) Water Rare
x1 Gastrodon West Sea (SW) Fighting Rare
x3 Eevee (SS) Colorless Common
x1 Vaporeon ex (DS) Water Rare
x1 Leafeon (ND) Grass Rare
x1 Leafeon Lv.X (ND) Grass Rare
x1 Ditto (DS) Fighting Common
x1 Ditto (DS) Water Common
x2 Ditto (DS) Grass Uncommon
x1 Dawn Stadium T Uncommon
x2 Bill's Maintenance T Uncommon
x2 Roseanne's Research T Uncommon
x2 Suzy's Lottory T Uncommon
x2 Team Galactic's Mars T Uncommon
x2 Life Herb T Uncommon
x1 VS Seeker T Uncommon
x7 Fighting Energy E --
x8 Grass Energy E --
x8 Water Energy E --


DX-EX Deoxys
DF-EX Dragon Frontiers
PK-EX Power Keepers
SW-Secret Wonders
P4-POP 4

Quantity Card Name Type Rarity
x2 Ralts (DF) Psychic Common
x2 Ralts δ (DF) Fire Common
x2 Kirlia (DF) Psychic Uncommon
x2 Kirlia δ (DF) Fire Uncommon
x1 Gardevior (SW) Psychic Rare
x1 Gardevior Lv.X (SW) Psychic Rare
x1 Gardevior ex δ (DF) Fire Rare
x1 Gallade (SW) Fighting Rare
x3 Trapinch (SW) Fighting Common
x3 Vibrava δ (DF) Psychic Uncommon
x1 Flygon (P4) Fighting Rare
x1 Flygon ex δ (DF) Psychic Rare
x3 Baltoy (DX) Fighting Common
x1 Claydol (DX) Fighting Rare
x1 Claydol ex (PK) Psychic Rare
x1 Energy Search T Common
x2 Switch T Common
x4 Professor Elm's Training Method T Uncommon
x1 Team Galactic's Mars T Uncommon
x2 Clefairy Doll T Rare
x2 Pokémon Trader T Rare
x9 Psychic Energy E --
x8 Fighting Energy E --
x5 Fire Energy E --


TMTA-EX Team Magma vs. Team Aqua
TRR-EX Team Rocket Returns
UF-EX Unseen Forces
MT-Mysterious Treasures
SW-Secret Wonders

Quantity Card Name Type Rarity
x2 Murkrow (SW) Darkness Common
x1 Murkrow (UF) Darkness Rare
x2 Honchrow (MT) Darkness Rare
x1 Honchrow Lv.X (SW) Darkness Rare
x3 Team Aqua's Corphish (TMTA) Water Uncommon
x1 Team Aqua's Crawdaunt (TMTA) Water Rare
x1 Team Aqua's Crawdaunt (TMTA) WaterDarkness Rare
x2 Caravanha (SW) Darkness Common
x1 Sharpedo (SW) Darkness Rare
x2 Team Aqua's Cacnea (TMTA) GrassDarkness Uncommon
x1 Team Aqua's Cacturne (TMTA) GrassDarkness Rare
x2 Team Aqua's Seviper (TMTA) Grass Rare
x2 Spinarak (MT) Grass Common
x1 Dark Ariados (TRR) GrassDarkness Uncommon
x2 Grimer (TRR) Grass Common
x1 Dark Muk (TRR) GrassDarkness Rare
x2 Bill T Common
x1 Lum Berry T Uncommon
x2 Team Aqua Belt T Uncommon
x2 Bebe's Search T Uncommon
x1 Team Aqua Conspirator T Uncommon
x1 Team Galactic's Mars T Uncommon
x2 Team Galactic's Wager T Uncommon
x1 Team Aqua Technecal Machine 01 T Uncommon
x1 Aqua Energy E Uncommon
x3 Darkness Energy (Special) E Uncommon
x4 Darkness Energy (Basic) E --
x7 Water Energy E --
x8 Grass Energy E --

The Nightly Dragon

HL-EX Hidden Legends
TRR-EX Team Rocket Returns
DS-EX Delta Species
DF-EX Dragon Frontiers
PK-EX Power Keepers
DP-Daimond & Pearl
MT-Mysterious Treasures

Quantity Card Name Type Rarity
x3 Horsea (TRR) Water Common
x2 Seadra (FL) Water Uncommon
x1 Kingdra (AQ) Colorless Rare
x3 Dratini (TRR #53) Colorless Common
x2 Dark Dragonair (TRR #31) Darkness Uncommon
x1 Dark Dragonite (TRR) Darkness Rare
x2 Swablu (PK) Colorless Common
x1 Altaria ex δ (DF) Water Rare
x2 Mime Jr. (DP) Psychic Common
x1 Mr. Mime (MT) Psychic Rare
x1 Castform (HL) Colorless Rare
x1 Rain Castform (HL) Water Rare
x1 Snow-Cloud Castform (DS) Water Rare
x2 Voltorb (TRR) Lightning Common
x1 Dark Electrode LightningDarkness Rare
x1 Moo-Moo Milk T Common
x2 Sabrina's Gaze T Common
x1 Good Manners T Uncommon
x2 Lt. Surge's Treaty T Uncommon
x2 Miracle Sphere y T Uncommon
x2 Roseanne's Reasearch T Uncommon
x2 Team Galactic's Mars T Uncommon
x1 Holon Energy WP E Uncommon
x2 Grass Energy E --
x6 Psychic Energy E --
x6 Lightning Energy E --
x7 Water Energy E --