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SubwayShipping (Japanese: デントクダ Dentbori and デントボリ Dentdari) is the belief that Emmet ,Ingo , and Cilan belong in a romantic relationship. The name comes Emmet and Ingo being as Subway Bosses and Cilan's love of trains.


Emmet's hints

Desplite the fact that he met them a year ago at a Subway Convention. Emmet calls Cilan "their favorite Metro Connoisseur" This shows that the Subway Bosses have developed a bond towards Cilan at the time.

Ingo's hints

Ingo hands Cilan a map and the two salute each other. This shows that Ingo cares about Cilan and his saftey.


  • Cilan and the subway bosses relate to Subway trains. Emmet and Ingo being Subway bosses and Cilan also being a Metro Conoisseur.