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Jenna Chance not a real character. She is merely fanfiction.

Jenna Chance
Jenna Chance
Age 16
Gender Female
Eye color yellow
Hair color red
Hometown Hearthome
Region Sinnoh
Relatives Jacob Chance (dead twin brother)
Trainer class Trainer, thief

Jenna Chance is a thief in Heartthome city. She was once a trainer in Hoenn, but decided that wasn't her correct path and returned to Heartthome. When she returned, she found out her twin brother, Jacob Chance, told the police that she was in Team Galactic, even though she wasn't, she killed him. She then became a thief, stealing what she needed to survive.

Interactions with others

Sometimes when Jenna stole something, she would be caught. Gary - Jenna wanted a pokedex. Gary was the one she decided to steal from, so she followed him around until he was alone, then challenged him to a battle. She disguised her pokemon as very rare pokemon, knowing he'd use his pokedex. Then, she had her pokemon stand right in front of her, then whenever his pokemon used a move like Water gun her pokemon would dodge it, making the move hit Jenna instead. When Gary used Thunderpunch, she mad it hit her so he would freak out and get close enough for her to grab his pokedex. When she tried, Gary laughed at her for thinking he would be dumb enough to fall for it. Jenna was annoyed at him for calling her plan stupid. That was when one of the electric attacks Gary had used hadn't hit Jenna, either. Instead, it hit a lamppost. The fire from the lamppost started burning a building. Jenna screamed and managed to fall in Gary's arms. She reached into his pocket and felt around for the pokedex. Gary sent out blastoise to put the fire out just as Jenna stole his pokedex. She then looked into his eyes for a moment, and ran away. Gary wanted to recheck the pokemon she "had" and couldn't find his pokedex. He was annoyed at himself for a second, then angry at Jenna. He followed the direction she went. Finally he cought her. Jenna sighed and handed him his pokedex. Then Gary said this. "You have a lot of honour for a thief." and walked away. Jenna never forgot it.

Fantina - Jacob Chance lied to Fantina and said Jenna was in team galactic first. Jenna ran to Fantina's gym. Fantina tried to call the police, but Jenna destroyed the phone. Jenna tried to convinve her that she wasn't in team galactic, but couldn't. Finally Jenna tried to kill her. Fantina stayed alive, but forgot Jenna existed.


Jenna always had the same four pokemon. She has caught: Rapidash, Psyduck, Espeon, and Mightyena


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