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Well This is my start page I initially entered Bulbapedia looking for FC but I Started liking the articles so I started to Edit!!!!

385.png This user's birthday is October 25.
448.png This user is cool.
483.png This user rejects your pathetic attempts of classification.
Spr BW Swimmer M.png This user can swim.
480.png This user is intelligent.
137.png This user is a competitive battler.
251.png This user is 13 years old.
233.png This user spends too much time on the computer.
201G.png This user contributes using Google Chrome.
Spr 3e 302.png This user tends to be invisible.
492.png This user loves nature.
Brock family.png This user has many relatives.

258Mudkip.png This user lieks Mudkipz.
492S.png This user has a Shaymin.
491.png This user has a Darkrai.
490.png This user has a Manaphy.
385.png This user has a Jirachi.
289 s.png ShinyIIStars.png This user has a Shiny Slaking. ShinyIIStars.png
475 s.png ShinyIIStars.png This user wants a Shiny Gallade. ShinyIIStars.png

390.png This Ranger's partner Pokémon is Chimchar.
Missingno RB.png This user has lost a Pokémon game.
386.png This user enjoys studying about outer space.
475.png This user is a Catholic.

475.png This user's favorite Pokémon is Gallade.
478.png This user's second favorite Pokémon is Froslass.
475.png This user's favorite move is Psycho Cut.
487.png This user's favorite video game is Pokemon Platinum.
es Este usuario es hablante nativo de español.
en-4 This user speaks English at a native level.
HeartGold SoulSilver Logo.png This user was an early supporter of remakes of Pokémon Gold and Silver.
Spr 4p 487O.png This user's DS friend code for Pokémon Platinum is 4468 7827 6356.