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??? ???
Age  ???
Gender Male
Eye color Blue
Hair color Blonde
Hometown  ???
Region United States of America
Member of Cipher
Rank Admin


My Pokémon journey started with Crystal Version. It was on this game that I saw Steelix and instantly fell in love with Steel-types. I had never beaten the Elite Four until recently. The next game I played was Sapphire. I came to love the Hoenn region and it in turn became my favorite region of all. I then began to play FireRed. I had never had the chance to play the original games so this game was great for learning the roots of something I loved so much. Then Diamond and Pearl came out but I had no idea it had. I just so happened to see my cousin playing it and I figured out that new games were out and I needed them now. I ended up buying Diamond Version and I ABSOLUTELY thought it was one of THE best .Pokemon games ever. I then found out that Battle Revolution was out and I tried it out at my friends house and I went and got it. THEN Platinum came out and I thought the change in story line was amazing. Black and White came out and I thought we'd never have a Generation V but we did and I loved it soooooo much. So basically I've played a lot of handheld games. Yet I've also played the GameCube games XD and Colosseum. They were both in my ABSOLUTE TOP FAVORITE GAMES!!! If Cipher was real I would so join. Well that's my history with pokemon. In the end I ended up getting the couple to all the games except Generation I and Generation V.


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