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  • Argument 1: compl. DP level
  • Argument 2: compl. Pt level
  • Argument 3: compl. HGSS level
  • Argument 4: compl. BW level
  • Argument 5: compl. B2W2 level

Completion levels:

  • #080: Image is OK; sprite is not shown.
  • #400: Sprite should be transparent, but it isn't.
  • #040: The size of the sprite is incorrect.
    • Correct sizes for sprites are 56x56 pixels (Gen I and II sprites), 64x64 pixels (Gen III sprites) and 80x80 pixels (Gen IV sprites).
  • #004: The sprite is still, but it should be an animated one.
    • Sprites in Crystal, Emerald, Diamond/Pearl and Platinum columns should be animated.
  • #440: Transparency problem + wrong size
  • #404: Transparency problem + not animated
  • #044: Wrong size + not animated
  • #444: Multifail: transparency problem, wrong size, not animated
  • #b00 (default): Sprite is not uploaded yet.

MS Red Green Blue Yellow Gold Silver Crystal Ruby Sapphire FireRed LeafGreen Emerald Diamond Pearl Platinum HeartGold SoulSilver Black White Black 2 White 2
492 Spr b 4d 492.png Spr b 4p 492.png
Spr b 4p 492S.png
Spr b 4p 492.png
Spr b 4h 492S.png
Spr b 5b 492.png
Spr b 5b 492S.png
Spr b 5b 492.png
Spr b 5b 492S.png