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Your rival has already beaten the Elite Four
Darn D:

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Freya Crescent
フライヤ・クレセント Furaiya Kuresento
[[File:Spr FRLG Lass.png|{{{size}}}]]
The biggest bitch you'll ever meet. You wanna bet?
Gender Female
Eye color Greenish grey
Hair color Light brown
Hometown Peterborough
Region Ontario, Canada
Relatives That squirrel over there
Trainer class Rival

Harro dar. As you can tell from my username, I love the Final Fantasy series (Yeah, Freya is the best character of FF. I wanna name my daughter Freya. o_o), but I mostly love RPGs in general. Oh, and The Legend of Zelda. They bring back such fond memories...

Currently, the Pokémon games I own are Blue, Yellow, Ruby, FireRed, and Diamond. My reason for not owning a second-gen? I bought a copy of Crystal once, but sadly, it was so old the internal battery was dead and the save system wouldn't work. But I got my $9.99 back. ^_^ I'm getting SoulSilver, without a doubt.

I love Eevees to death... seriously. I've even made up my own Eeveelutions, and they're the most original ones you'll ever see. Ya rly.

  • Toxeon - Poison
  • Cicadeon - Bug
  • Terreon - Ground
  • Litheon - Rock
  • Aveon - Flying
  • Kocheon - Fighting
  • Obliveon - Ghost
  • Steeleon - Steel
  • Drakeon - Dragon
  • Eeveon - Normal

The Dream Team

My real name is Miranda, yes.

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