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I'm a guy from the US and I love Pokémon. I've played all of the games except Yellow,Stadium,and Colluseom XD.

So I guess I'm a little bit of a nerd.

Favorite Pokémon

My favorite type is water-type. Its always had this atrraction to it. So I alawys chose the water-type starters. To be honest,I was a little dissapionted with Piplup,mainly because of the fact that it can't even learn water gun(which is just pathetic in my eye's). although I was impressed by Empoleon,though it dosen't replace Swampert.

I've got quite a list and I'll post a reason for most of my favorite.

My absolute favorite pokémon is possibly Swampert for the fact that is extremely useful, it looks preety cool, and I've alawys considered it the best of the water-type starters.

My next favorite is Feraligatr another starter. Mainly because of the same reasons for Swampert but Swampert is better because of the fact it losses its' weakness for grass-type which helps later in the games.

Persian is my favorite normal-type pokémon. It's cool,can learn good attacks,and is in general a great pokémon. Also not to me normal-type appeal to many.

Groundon is my favorite legendary pokémon. It's a great,and the best Legendary in my eyes.