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XY Calem Icon.png Pokémon Y
Bug Badge.png
Cliff Badge.png
Rumble Badge.png
Plant Badge.png
Voltage Badge.png
Fairy Badge.png
Psychic Badge.png
Iceberg Badge.png

Nate OD.png Pokémon Black 2
Basic Badge.png
Toxic Badge.png
Insect Badge.png
Bolt Badge.png
Quake Badge.png
Jet Badge.png
Legend Badge.png
Wave Badge.png

Ethan OD.png Pokémon SoulSilver
Zephyr Badge.png
Hive Badge.png
Plain Badge.png
Fog Badge.png
Storm Badge.png
Mineral Badge.png
Glacier Badge.png
Rising Badge.png
Boulder Badge.png
Cascade Badge.png
Thunder Badge.png
Rainbow Badge.png
Soul Badge.png
Marsh Badge.png
Volcano Badge.png
Earth Badge.png