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Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hi! I’m Evilpichulady, and this is my page! I am COMPLETELY new at the wiki Stuff, so I tend to only make a few edits a month. I also tend to focus my Editing on spelling and grammar, so that’s one of the reasons I signed up.

What else… Oh yeah! My favourite Pokemon are Chikorita, Roserade, Weavile, Mawile, the Kirlia family, (including Gallade) Frostlass, the Eevee family, and Pichu, of course.

My LEAST favourite Pokemon are the Nosepass family, Driftblim, Luvdisc, Chatot, Milotic, (R U LISTNING, CYNTHIA???) Loudred, Ditto, and Graveler.

I’m also slightly scared of Shedinja. I have no clue why, but it must Have SOMETHING to do with the “steal your soul” thing. *shudders*

I love the colour BLUE, and thus, shiny Psyducks. I tried to get one.I WAS NOT SUCCESSFUL.

Also, I lost my Pearl game, which I’ve had for almost 3 years. No big deal, right? RIGHT? WRONG.I lost my game IN DISNEY WORLD. IN FLORIDA. I LIVE IN CANADA. EPIC FAILx300.In other words, good bye Pearl game.

LUCKILY, I have some of their offspring on my platinum game, and on my Sister’s Diamond game. Now I just have to find my Platinum game… XD.

Outside of Pokémon, I like the anime Tokyo Mew Mew,(NOT THE STUPID DUB BY 4KIDS)and in school I like English and spelling.I'm also really big on Greek Mythology.

What else... Oh yeah my favorite characters in the series are Misty,Barry,(HE'S SO HYPER!!! IT'S HILAIRIOUS!!!) and... Misty's Psyduck. IMO, it needs to come back... we didn't see it AT ALL in the AG Misty appearances. I like May, Dawn's ok, (exept for her choice of outfit..LOL) and Ash... is just plain annoying. He's all like, " GEE ILL JUST USE THUNDER ARMOR TO DEFEAT THOSE POKEMON EVEN THOUGH SWELLOW IS REALLY WEAK TO ELECTRIC ATTACKS AND ITLL WORK CAUSE IM THE STAR OF THE SHOW!!! or, even worse..."PIKACHU! AIM FOR THE HORN!!!" That one just... I almost died laughing at the ridiculousness of the situation... And his Pika-pal is the same. IMO, nothing beats the original two regions,(Kanto and Orange islands) which was BEFORE they started screwing up. Everyone remembers, "Finish it off with FALSE SWIPE!","OK, Trainers! Which Pokémon evolves into Seviper?" And Many more screw-ups. I mean, COME ON..........