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The bonuses for capture in Shadows of Almia

Add anything that's missing.

To add yet: how they affect the EXP gain.

  • 10th Capture - Pokémon is captured 10th time (?)
  • Rapid Capture - Fast capture
  • Mach Capture - ?
  • One-Line Capture - Pokémon is captured without releasing stylus or the line breaking.
  • No Damage 1/2/3 - The line isn't hit by a Pokémon attack (what numbers mean?)
  • Boss Capture - The capture was a boss battle
  • Group Capture - The capture involved more than one Pokémon.
  • Good Poké Assist - Player used a supereffective Poké Assist.
  • 50+/100+ Loops - Player performed more than 50/100 loops.
  • Narrow Capture - Player captured a Pokémon while low on health.
  • Charge 1 Capture - Player captured with Power Charge in effect
  • Long Line - ?