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Founder & First Administrator of POIN

He is Indonesian who created a multiply's group called POIN ( that share all-about Pokemon in Bahasa Indonesia, Indonesian language. He born in July 18th, 1988. His real name is Lukman Maulana, but member of POIN call him "L".

He found & created POIN or Komunitas Pencinta Pokemon di Indonesia (Indonesia's Pokemon Lovers Community) which addresed at the date May 16th, 2008. In POIN, he called Elite Four L. Elite Four is title that gave to the POIN's Administrator.

His Pokemon

As a Trainer

As an Gym Leader & Elite Four

L's specific Pokemon is Ground-type Pokemon.

1. Sandslash 2. Golem 3. Gligar 4. Dugtrio 5. Wooper 6. Flygon