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Hi, I'm Dual. I'm a soon-to-be College Freshman, and I plan on majoring in Asian Studies. Originally, I was going to study Business, since I figured that it'd be easy to find a job with that, but decided to switch once I found out how math heavy it is.

My history with Pokemon goes back all the way to when Red and Blue first came out. I was a die hard fan. I was even the first kid in my elementary school to get Pokemon Yellow. When Gold&Silver came out, I bought a GameBoy Color just so I could play them. When the Generation III games came out, I never really got to playing any of them. As a result, my interest in the games pretty much disappeared. Then, one day about a year ago, I was cleaning out my room, and found my copy of Silver, and decided "Why not?" and started it up in my GBA. Obviously, by this time, the battery for the internal clock had gone bad, so I couldn't save, but the damage was done, and my addiction rekindled. I went online to find out about the Gen3 games, and also found out about the Gen4s. So I went out, got myself a black DS Lite and a copy of LeafGreen, and the rest is history.