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About Me

Hiya! I'm Neo, and I am a very shy and yet friendly girl.

I try to do what I can to help bulbapedia, although I'm not sure its all that helpful. I mainly do what I can and help whenever I can. My top 3 favorite Pokémon are Marill, Gardevoir and Ninetales.
If, for any reason you find the urge to talk to me and plan to be polite about it I will try to muster up the courage and respond back, but if I don't then please don't be offended, because sometimes I honestly can't find any courage to talk to people, but I promise I will try.
... Are you still reading? Wow, you must be interested. Okay, fine. If you have to know more then I'll tell you that I am horrible at writing and actually have already spell and grammar checked this about... what 3 times?
If I had to compare any NPC in Pokémon to myself I would more then definitely say it would be Marley. And don't ask me why, I just do.

Pokemon Teams

Y Means that this team is ready to battle and you can definitely battle me!
N Means that this team is currently in Training, and should be completed when it can.
O Means that this team is not yet perfectly planned out and Pokémon, names, moves and other things may change.
(?) Means that the name of the Pokémon is not permanent and I am willing to take suggestions.
Spr Pt Dawn.png
Ice Beam S
Surf S
Earthquake P
Steel Wing P
Sun Star
Aerial Ace P
Return P
Close Combat P
Roost St
Thunderbolt S
Charge Beam S
Light Screen St
Crunch P
T-Heat (?)
Flamethrower S
Heat Wave S
Strength P
Iron Defense St
Bug Buzz S
Air Slash S
U-turn P
Solarbeam S
Swords Dance St
Night Slash P
Poison Jab P
Shadow Claw P
Team Anime
チーム アニメ Team Anime
50px 50px 50px
Neo Ellé Emma
Rank: Master
Purpose: Haven't Decided...

Pokemon I Breed

Piplup and ChimcharD
Ani393MS.png Ani390MS.png


183Marill.png Good bye! May the Marill be with you!