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Please put any comments or suggestions on talk page! Well, there were sprites...

Pokémon Picture Why How New Name/Type Stats Moves Height/ Weight Gender Pokédex Notes
Torkoal It was a joke from my brother user: 1085 Level Up Storkoal while holding Water Equalizer Snorkoal
HP: 40
Attack: 75
Defense: 80
SpAtk: 25
SpDef: 80
Speed: 30
Bubble, Water Gun, Hydro Pump, Harden. 1'08" 156 lbs. 50%♀ 50%♂ This Pokémon swims around lakes, it has amazing breath. Water+Turtle= Makes some sense.

With help from: 1085
Torkoal I need to relate Snorkoal to Torkoal... Evolves Into Torkoal: Level up with Magma Equalizer and Snorkoal: Level up with Water Equalizer Storkoal
HP: 25
Attack: 90
Defense: 65
SpAtk: 50
SpDef: 50
Speed: 10
Tackle, Growl. 1'00", 268 lbs. 50%♀ 50%♂ It's body contains magma and water. When it becomes a Torkoal the magma evaporates the water when the water glands kick in it creates steam. The name comes from Steam+Torkoal
Farfetch'd It needs it... Level up with sword Ninjetch'd
HP: 30
Attack: 70
Defense: 35
SpAtk: 80
SpDef: 40
Speed: 60
Same as Farfetch'd + Ultrasword (Hyperbeam like move) 2'06", 85 lbs. Same as Farfetch'd It lives in weeds where it can't be seen. It uses its sword for defense. Idea by TTE and Magnedeth
Shadow Magnemite It looks cool Snag it
BaseStats same as Magnemite Shadow Rush Same as Magnemite Genderless None. Recolored to look like XD001
Lucario That's me! :D Feed Lucario crystals Crystal Lucario
HP: 244
Attack: 244
Defense: 244
SpAtk: 244
SpDef: 244
Speed: 244
Every Move Same as Lucario Same as Lucario The crystal in its body makes its body at least 4x stronger. Go ME!
Magikarp It looks cool. And Magikarp needs more evos. Level up Magikarp while holding Reaper Cloth Ghostikarp
HP: 40
Attack: 40
Defense: 40
SpAtk: 40
SpDef: 40
Speed: 40
Curse, Splash, Tackle, Flail. 7'09" 657 lbs. 50%♀ 50%♂ This Pokémon can fly but is generally not smart enough to go more than a few seconds. Face it he NEEDS it.
Slowbro Ghosts are cool. Level up Slowbro while holding Reaper Cloth Slowghost
HP: 70
Attack: 50
Defense: 80
SpAtk: 50
SpDef: 80
Speed: 65
Curse, Slowbro's moves 9'00"" 852 lbs. Same as Slowbro This Pokémon can fly but is generally not smart enough to go more than a few seconds. The pokédex works for both...
Dodrio Ghosts are cool. Level up Dodrio while holding Reaper Cloth Ghostrio
HP: 70
Attack: 40
Defense: 60
SpAtk: 75
SpDef: 65
Speed: 100
Curse, Dorios' moves 3'00" 15 lbs. Same as Dodrio When a reapercloth is attached to a Dodrio it turns partialy into a ghost. ThThis will be the last ghost for a while... <_<'