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These are step-by-step instructions for updating the Pokémon Biology sections to the new format. Keep in mind that the project does not have to be done following these steps, but I find this to be the easiest process with the best results. The following steps should be made in one edit, not multiple edits. Please do not partially update a Biology section, doing so makes it difficult for staff to track overall completion. I also suggest using the "edit this page" tab as opposed to just editing the Biology section, as changes are sometimes needed to other sections.

Step One: Removal

The first step is to remove unneeded information. The Physiology, Special Abilities, Habitat, and Diet subheaders should be removed, leaving only the Biology header. However, it may not be necessary to remove the information underneath the headers. Information that should be removed includes move lists (except signature and former signature moves), general statements regarding Type, specific in-game or regional locations, and any unsource-able information. Please do not hide unsourced information, either remove it or locate the source for a citation.

Step Two: Addition

The project is not simply about removal, the next step is to add any missing information. Any physical traits not already described should be added, as well as significant biological information from the Pokédex. Notable information from other sources, such as the manga or anime, should be included with a citation. For demonstrations on how to link a source, please see Bulbasaur's and Ampharos's articles for on-site and off-site references respectively.

Step Three: Rearranging

At this point, the article should have all of the required information. It now needs to be arranged in a sensible order. The section should begin with a physical description. My preferred method is to begin with general body statements and then give a detailed description from head to tail. However, any order is fine so long as it flows well. Abilities and other notable biological information should follow or be worked into the physical description where applicable. Some Pokémon have enough information to form several paragraphs, while others will require only one or two paragraphs. Separate or combine paragraphs in whatever way flows best.

Step Four: Rewriting (The Hard Part)

In addition to arranging the information in a cohesive format, it also needs to be written in a professional and creative style. Do not rely too heavily on the original writings, as many do not meet the new standards. Sentence structure should be varied wherever possible to prevent the section from reading as a plain list of information. Casual and redundant terminology should be avoided. For example, "sports" is not very professional when referring to a Pokémon's markings, and sayings such as "red colored" or "triangle shaped" are better as simply "red" or "triangular". Descriptions that rely on a Pokémon's pre-evolutions or evolutions should be reworked to be stand-alone; readers should not have to navigate off the page to get an accurate description. Finally, ensure that all pronouns are singular and gender-neutral. This applies to single-gender Pokémon as well.

Step Five: Finishing Touches

Just a few more things should be checked before saving. All grammar should be double-checked, and pronouns in the intro section and other sections should be made gender-neutral if applicable. Check that the anime and manga pictures have not been pushed out of their respective sections due to the shortened Biology, and realign to the left if needed. If the Pokémon is from Generation I, II, or III, make sure there is a link to the appropriate section List of Pokémon by habitat page worked into its Biology. Finally, check that all information is available on the page or suitably referenced and that all links are working correctly.

Wrap Up

Hopefully, this helps those struggling with the project and those uncertain about what they should be doing. I or another member of staff will be happy to help or answer any questions regarding the project. Happy editing!