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Hey guys! Check the Emolga on the right!

About myself

"A Pokémon fanatic"
Iris Emolga.png
Emolga! My favourite Pokemon!
Gender Male
Hometown Verdanturf
Region Hoenn

Hi! Welcome to my page. I'm Chocos0, and I'm just a crazed pokemon fan. I started off when I was really young at the age of 7. The games made me so attached to them, I've been following the anime as well. I've been watching from the beginning, and playing the games to the end. My favourite was the Hoenn region generation. (E.G III generation). Some found it discriminating, but it was a whole new generation, the new graphics on the games, and something new, new people. Unlike Misty. Instead we got a food loving fanatic, oh, and a Coordinator as well. May! I have most of the games at the moment, but losing my Red made me terribly sad. I'm still a fan, and mostly, always will be. I am currently having fun with my Pokemon Black version =)

I'm just an occasional visitor to the Bulbapedia site, and when I'm on, I help edit, on whatever I can. Not many will see my page anywhoo, but no matter, I like making my own page.

Game info, and friend codes.

Pokemon Diamond : (Will update)

Pokemon Platinum : (Will update)

Pokemon Heart Gold : (Will update)

Pokemon Black : (Will update)

Games I own