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Pokémon whose Diamond/Pearl sprites are larger than a certain (as-yet-undetermined) size will appear to be "too big" for the Pokéwalker:

  1. If the sprite is neither too tall nor too wide, it'll fit normally.
  2. If the sprite is partially too big in one dimension, but fits in the other, it will be cropped to the portion that does fit.
  3. If the sprite is everywhere too big in one dimension but fits in the other, ???
  4. If the sprite is everywhere too big in both dimensions, ???

Fits completely in Pokéwalker

Smaller than 53x67 or 62x59


If you know that one of these definitely does fit (because you've seen it in your Pokéwalker), please move it under the Tested heading! If you know that one of them definitely does not fit, make a category for it


53px wide, 67px tall

62px wide, 59px tall

Width less than 63px, height greater than 59px but less than 67px

All of these are untested. If one definitely fits, it should replace either Hitmonlee or Beedrill as "not too big", depending on whether it's wider than Hitmonlee or taller than Beedrill.

  • probably at least a few

Too wide for Pokéwalker

63px wide, 63px tall

63px or wider but shorter than 67px



69px or wider and taller than 67px



Any of these might be both too tall and too wide.

Too tall for Pokéwalker

x px wide, y px tall

Larger than x by y



Both too tall and too wide

w px wide, z px tall

Larger than w by y