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Note: this is a personal list and has no effect on Bulbapedia

Expansion Status
Base Set Complete
Jungle Complete
Fossil Complete
Base Set 2 Complete
Team Rocket Complete
Gym Heroes Complete
Gym Challenge Complete
Neo Genesis Complete
Neo Discovery Complete
Neo Revelation Complete
Legendary Collection In-Progress
Expedition Base Set In-Progress
Aquapolis In-Progress
Skyridge In-Progress
EX Ruby & Sapphire Complete
EX Sandstorm Complete
EX Dragon In-Progress
EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua In-Progress
EX Hidden Legends In-Progress
EX FireRed & LeafGreen In-Progress
EX Team Rocket Returns In-Progress
EX Deoxys In-Progress
EX Emerald In-Progress
EX Unseen Forces In-Progress
EX Delta Species In-Progress
EX Legend Maker In-Progress
EX Holon Phantoms In-Progress
EX Crystal Guardians In-Progress
EX Dragon Frontiers In-Progress
EX Power Keepers In-Progress
Diamond & Pearl In-Progress
Mysterious Treasures In-Progress
Secret Wonders In-Progress
Great Encounters In-Progress
Majestic Dawn In-Progress
Legends Awakened In-Progress
Stormfront In-Progress
Platinum In-Progress
Rising Rivals In-Progress
Supreme Victors In-Progress
Arceus In-Progress
HeartGold & SoulSilver In-Progress
Unleashed In-Progress
Undaunted In-Progress
Triumphant In-Progress
Call of Legends In-Progress
Black & White In-Progress
Emerging Powers In-Progress
Noble Victories In-Progress
Next Destinies In-Progress
Dark Explorers In-Progress
Dragons Exalted In-Progress
Boundaries Crossed In-Progress
Plasma Storm In-Progress
Plasma Freeze In-Progress
Plasma Blast In-Progress
Legendary Treasures In-Progress
Legendary Treasures Radiant Collection Complete
XY In-Progress
Flashfire In-Progress
Furious Fists In-Progress
Phantom Forces In-Progress
Primal Clash In-Progress
Roaring Skies In-Progress
Ancient Origins In-Progress
BREAKthrough In-Progress
BREAKpoint In-Progress
Generations In-Progress
Generations Radiant Collection In-Progress
Fates Collide In-Progress
Steam Siege In-Progress
Evolutions In-Progress
Sun & Moon In-Progress
Guardians Rising In-Progress
Burning Shadows In-Progress
Shining Legends In-Progress
Crimson Invasion In-Progress
Ultra Prism In-Progress
Forbidden Light In-Progress