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I decided this page would get to long if I did each episode, so I'll just put my thoughts in general.


Still as stupid as ever...


Sucks as much as he did back in EP001, AG001, and DP001...


Region's bird, and it's female this time. That's great. So far underused.


AKA Unova's Bayleef/Aipom... Except male. Gay? I'm not sure yet.


Another previously owned fire starter. Some patterns deserve to be broken.


Gets another grass starter, as well as all three Unova starters. And this Snivy relies on her good looks in battle.


Ash's second egg and his first dark type. And a trouble-maker. Just what Ash needed. Also, full party before the 20th episode. Good job Ash...


Ash captures another Pokémon?!? This is madness! This is blasphemy! This... Is... Sewaddle!!!
But anyway, Ash's first bug since Johto, and Ash now has seven Pokémon. That means he's going to be sending them back and forth between his party and Juniper's lab. Unlike in Kanto when he let Krabby, Muk, and all 30 Tauros collect dust.


Seems like she's gonna be as annoying as Misty. Only time will tell.


Turns out to be just a baby that can't battle for shit. Wants to evolve, unlike other walking Pokémon. I find that unlikely though.


Iris is revealed to have another Pokémon, and it acts like a bitch. Yay!


Brock's replacement, but with green hair!


Another monkey... but it doesn't steal Ash's hat!!! That makes me cry. :(


Dent captures one of my favorite Unoa Pokémon! And I actually predicted this one. That's a shocker.

Team Rocket

Now on a mission for Giovanni. And now they act badass. Too badass IMO.


The only Pokémon Jessie and James brought with them... I'd rather they brought Wobbo.


Jessie makes a capture right away, the same way Brock caught his Zubat. Glad to see they recycle ideas. Unlike TR's Pokémon in the past, Woobat is underused.

James has yet to catch anything.