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Brendan Birch
ユウキ Yuki
Age 15
Gender Male♂
Eye color Dark Brown
Hair color Black
Hometown Littleroot Town
Region Hoenn
Relatives Professor Birch
Trainer class Trainer

Brendan Birch (Japanese: ユウキ Yuki) Brendan made an appearance as the main character in the Pokemon games such as Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald. He also made more appearances in Pokemon Firered, Leafgreen, Pokemon Colosseum, and Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness as a side character. He had small cameos in some of the Advanced Generation Movies. Many people are confused for his hair color. Some think it is white, and some think it is black. Brendan has black hair, but has a white hat similar to a ski cap. It is still unknown if he will make an appearance in a future game in generation V, as the previous games were remade. He is from Littleroot town and lives with his unnamed mother and Professor Birch. It is still unknown if he has any siblings. He also lives next to May's house, who comes out to be his Rival and Friend. Brendan's mission in the game is to collect all eight badges of Hoenn, but at the same time save the world from either Team Magma or Team Aqua as they try to change the world according to the game. To do this, Brendan has to find either the Red or Blue Orb to awaken Groudon or Kyorgre. He also meets a boy named Wally who he teaches how to catch Pokemon and be a trainer. Wally soon becomes one of Brendan's rivals. Brendan's task is much more difficult than Red's and Ethan's as they try to stop Team Rocket.