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Ayame is a female Pokemon fan from Southern California, in the United States of America. Her birthday is October 15th, and her blood type is unknown, but that's a silly superstition. She likes flowers, hence her name.

Ayame's Personality and Interests

Ayame loves anime, manga, books, animals, and video games. She is not very athletic and though she is outgoing, she is not confident. Ayame always does her work for school, and is currently homeschooled, which she likes. Her dreams involve unicorns and writing novels for a living. Far-fetched. Ayame participates in ludicrous shipping such as StaffShipping, PlayfulShipping, PalletShipping, LoveShipping, and BetrayalShipping, and her interests change frequently. Ayame loves to swim at the beach in the summer.

Failish Goals

Ayame is working on a website which will blow your mind. Translation: It will fail. Ayame abandoned an attempt to learn French, and is currently looking into Swahili, though her learning this language is farfetched. Ayame's planned website will be shared with her best friend, a wonderful person who you should hope to meet.

Where to Find Ayame

Look for Ayame under the name Ayame, Toxic Ayame, WiltedAyame, Wilted, variations of that, the name Pink, variations of Pink, though Pink seems to have been retired and is now disused. Ayame does possess a deviantART where her mediocre art remains, at press time, mysteriously and fortunately absent. Thank heavens for that. She also has a scroll under the same name, and loves that site to death. Can anyone say addiction?

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