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Selected Pokémon team
391.png Monferno: Fiery Monkey Bussines. Drew my attention from the anime series (weird...) and has a lot of potential to make very powerful physical attacks. Spr 5b 497.png Jalorda: All hail Jalorda. Interesting grass pókemon with a beautiful design over its body. Not much tech information has been revealed yet.
282.png Gardevoir: The guardian Angel. The most attractive Pokémon in the whole franchise (even better if it were just female -facepalm-) Best selection to hold special attacks. 160.png Feraligatr: Eat-a-lot lizard. Favorite starter of 2nd generation. My best choice to hold other attacks like ice-type or dark-type moves
227.png Skarmory: Bayonet Buzzard. Formidable defense. My most faved Pókemon in the whole franchise. Use many battle items on this and you'll feel lucky. 560.png Zuruzukin: Mohawk Lizard thing. For me looks like a lizard wearing native-american clothing. No more information is available for this.