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Hey Im Andrewrox and i am here to make Bulbapedia the best it can be.

I also have a very good account on [SpongePedia - A website about the SpongeBob tv show. On Spongepedia my page is the most viewed, linked to and the user with the most articles on the whole site! Check it out.

Pokemon Info

I have loved Pokemon since i saw it on Tv. My first Pokemon experience was Pokemon Ruby Version. I cherished the game and then I got Firered version, Followed by Emerald, Leafgreen and Sapphire.

I had known about Diamond and Pearl 2 years before its releade in Japan and i couldnt wait to buy it. My strive was to complete the Pokedex. and 2 months after i bought the game.... I COMPLETED THE POKEDEx. I didnt cheat and i had all the legendaries except for Arceus, Shaymin and Darkrai. I was my greatest achievement.


I am from Australia
I am an admin on Spongepedia

I have all of the Gba Pokemon Games and all of the Ds games