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Hi, I have absolutely no clue as to why I'm writing this. Also, I'm pretty new to writing pages like this. In fact, I have absolutely no clue as to what tabs and etcetera is here. I will remove this note when I figure it out.

However, I will try my best in correcting errors and attempt to help as a member of said community.

Anyhow, should anyone find the need to contact me, my email is [email protected] and that I may or may be not under this name in other locations in the Internet.

Added info will be added.


I am a proud Contestshipper and Pokéshipper.

I've followed Pokémon since I was approximately six and I have believed that Ash and Misty were meant to be from a young age. Also, I followed Contestshipping long before Cartoon Network got the episodes to my country. Which still hasn't happened, by the way.