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On hand Released On Hand On hand Taking care of
Ash Ketchum 025MS.png 658MS.pngashgreninjaj0gm7oh2lu.png 663MS.png 701MS.png 715MS.png 706MS.png Serena 654MS.png 674MS.png 700MS.png Clemont 659MS.png 650MS.png 405MS.png Bonnie 702MS.png punichan4y9wqulomk.pngzygarde10j0ptin7auh.png

Mega Evolution Special Protagonists
On hand On Hand On Hand
Alain 006MS.png006MXMS.png Mairin 650MS.png 669YMS.png Steven Stone shinymetagrosshbpqtz5crd.pngshinymegametagry0ckad3fi5.png

Ash's Rivals
On hand On Hand On Hand
Tierno 009MS.png 026MS.png 186MS.png 237MS.png 272MS.png Trevor 005MS.png Sawyer 254MS.png254MMS.png 371MS.png 685MS.png

Serena's Rivals
On hand On Hand On Hand
Shauna 002MS.png 669OMS.png 684MS.png 574MS.png Miette 685MS.png 678MS.png Nini 238MS.png 083MS.png

Team Rocket
On hand Traded away On Hand Travel with
Jessie 202MS.png 711MS.png 303MS.png James 686MS.png Meowth

Team Flare
On hand On hand Unknown On hand On hand On hand Unknown On hand
Lysandre 668MS.png Malva 229MS.png229MMS.png Xerosic Mable 229MS.png Celosia 452MS.png Bryony 625MS.png Aliana Grunts 228MS.png 228MS.png 451MS.png 215MS.png

Gym Leader
On hand On hand On hand On hand
Viola 283MS.png 666MS.png Grant 095MS.png 696MS.png Korrina 448MS.png448MMS.png 619MS.png 067MS.png Ramos 673MS.png 189MS.png 070MS.png
On hand On hand On hand Unknown
Clembot 081MS.png 082MS.png 695MS.png Valerie 682MS.png 700MS.png 122MS.png 303MS.png Olympia 678MS.png 678FMS.png Wulfric

Elite Four & Champion
On hand On hand Unknown On hand On hand
Siebold 009MS.png009MMS.png Wikstrom 212MS.png212MMS.png Drasna Malva 229MS.png229MMS.png Diantha 282MS.png282MMS.png