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Aki the Tanuki (Real name: Alex Bowen) is a 19-year-old Pokémon fan and fan artist. He appears on various Pokémon-based forums.

He is known by other usernames as well, such as KougaWolf, Kj'kun Neko, or Nekoban Ryo.


Aki the Tanuki is a huge Pokémon fan and has been since it all began. He was a little late getting started on the games, but he began his journey with Silver Version, choosing Chikorita as his starter. His favorite Pokémon is Ho-oh, or Wartortle if we're not counting legendaries. His favorite type is Ice.

Aki likes to draw Pokémon, but he draws original characters as well. You can find some of his work on deviantArt (look up Karite-Kita-Neko).


Aki the Tanuki (or Alex) raises Ice-type Pokémon. His teams are interchangable and include Pokémon like Froslass, Mamoswine, Walrein, Cloyster, Jynx, and Dewgong.

Role as a Gym Leader

At certain times of the year on the Project: HeavenEarth forums, D/P/Pt/HG/SS players with access to Wi-fi can challenge Aki (Nekoban Ryo *Nya!*) to a battle for a chance to win a Tempice Badge that is placed in their badge case. You must be a member in order to earn one.