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Pokémon Picture Why How New Name/Type Stats Moves Height/ Weight Pokédex Notes
Empoleon Testing Empoleon falls in volcano Empinkeon
HP: 55
Attack: 125
Defense: 5
SpAtk: 145
SpDef: 10
Speed: 30
Moves Coming Soon 5'05" 416 lbs. When Empoleon touches lava it becomes pink in an odd reaction to steel, water, and fire. Pretty much a recolor test. (SEE MY BROTHER'S POKÉMON RIGHT HERE> crystallucario )
Cleffa being a Pichu Testing recolor... Paint your Cleffa
BaseStats same as Cleffa Thunder, Cleffa's moves Same as Cleffa It looks like a Pichu. It's not Looks like a Pichu
Sceptile cuz he is cool Throw him in water Watertile
HP: 1
Attack: 1
Defense: 1
SpAtk: 1
SpDef: 1
Speed: 1
Any water or grass move Same as Sceptile When Sceptile is thrown in water he becomes Watertile. *BeeBooBee--* ...I was logged in as my brother when I added this so it was me and...yeh
Lucario Cuz i wanned 2 makes a posesed lucario Have haunter take it over for eight days Possesed Lucario
HP: tacos
Attack: moo
Defense: MOMFACE
SpAtk: Joe Momma
SpDef: Fruit Salad Yummy Yummy
Speed: Three beans in a basket
Any move Same as Lucario This pokemon is awesome IDK
Sceptile I liek sceptile Your sceptile is hit by lightning Thundertile
HP: 0
Attack: 0
Defense: 0
SpAtk: 0
SpDef: 0
Speed: 0
All thunder/grass moves 1'00" 1,000,000,000,000,000,999 lbs. This Pokemon is invincible I liek how it has 0s (SEE MY BROTHER'S POKÉMON RIGHT HERE> crystallucario )
Blaziken They look cool Dark: Shadow Pokémon. Lite: Feed it angel's food cake. Shadow Blaziken and Lite Blaziken
HP: 40
Attack: 80
Defense: 10
SpAtk: 120
SpDef: 50
Speed: 244
(both have same)
Blazikens Moves Same as Blaziken Shadow: This Pokémon fights for evil. Lite: This Pokémon fights for good. Srry 4 the 2 in 1 pic (SEE MY BROTHER'S POKÉMON RIGHT HERE> crystallucario )
Ledyba (original version!) It looks cool FIND IT In Mt. Fakugududdy Ultabug
HP: 10
Attack: 10
Defense: 10
SpAtk: 10
SpDef: 10
Speed: 10
All moves 11'00" 1 lb. This pokemo...Unknown...FIGURE IT OUT YOURSELF MOMFACE It is invincible(not realy)(SEE MY BROTHER'S POKÉMON RIGHT HERE> crystallucario )