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370Luvdisc.png This article is about shipping.
As hints and evidence for ships are mostly speculation, this page may contain personal points of view.

LethalAttractionShipping (Japanese: ミジュエモ MijuEmo) is the belief that Ash's Oshawott and Iris's Emolga belong in a romantic relationship. The two first met when Emolga sorted to get some apples from Ash and co. While their tainers have been travelling together, they have intergrated very much.


Oshawott's hints

Oshawott is immediately smitten with Emolga upon first seeing her. Also, Oshawott interrupts her battle with Bianca's Minccino by jumping in front of the Attract meant for the other Pokémon.
Later on when Emolga is surrounded by a group of wild Swoobat, Oshawott lets himself out of his Poké Ball in order to protect her. He was hit by a Swoobat's Charge Beam forcing Ash to recall him to his Poké Ball.
When Emolga wanders off on her own while the others are sleeping, Oshawott and Axew follow after her. When they find her she lies to them in order to get some apples by telling them that she was ambushed by a group of wild Watchog. Angered, Oshawott fights valiantly in order to protect her and retrieves an apple for himself, Emolga, and Axew. Oshawott continues to protect Emolga even standing up to an enraged Simisear. However, he was easily defeated by the angry Pokémon.
At the Pokémon center, Oshawott continued to flirt with Emolga, much to her discomfort.

Emolga's hints

When Emolga discovered Oshawott fawning over Meloetta, her reaction seemed uneasy. When flying down to them, she crashed into Oshawott and the two squabbled very immaturely.
When Oshawott met Dawn's Buneary and welcomed her with wide spread arms, Emolga's mouth was wide open, seeming surprised.

Name origins

  • LethalAttraction comes from the fact that Oshawott usually ends up getting hurt while trying to protect Emolga. It could also be from the fact that Water-types are weak against Electric attacks.


  • Oshawott and Emolga are both part of the Field egg group, have different genders and therefore can breed.
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