Trainer figure (TFG)

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A Brock Trainer figure

Trainer figures are a type of figure in the Pokémon Trading Figure Game. They are only used to determine if an attempt to use a Trainer card succeeds or fails. Due to Trainers being less important than the Pokémon figures, only one being needed for each player and having near identical bases, there are considerably fewer Trainer figures than Pokémon figures.


When a Trainer card is used, the Trainer is spun. If the result is success the Trainer card is used then placed face down, if the result is miss the players turn ends and Trainer card is kept face up and may be attempted again on a later turn.


All Trainer figures have a small red miss area with a probability of 8.3% and the rest is a large white success area with a probability of 91.6%. The rare Trainer figures have a blue ring around a large part of their bases; no figure or card was ever revealed to have a purpose for this.

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