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The Pokémon Factory, commonly abbreviated to “PF”, is a Pokémon fan website, made in the mid-to-late 90’s, which is focused on the developing and archiving of in-site fan-made Pokémon. Originally known as “Mewthree and Frogget’s Pokémon Factory”, the site means to serve as an outlet for fan innovations in Pokémon. In the past, The Pokémon Factory has branched out to other areas of typical Pokémon fansite content, such as providing information for the Pokémon games or TCG, but it has since reasserted itself to be purely oriented on its fan-made Pokémon.

Pokémon Creation

At The Pokémon Factory, fan-made Pokémon are created and developed for the purpose of eventual appearance on the site’s archives of fan-made Pokémon. Fan-made Pokémon, or “suggestions”, are presented for development and review by other members of the PF community on the PF Suggestions Board area of PF’s forums.

The system typically progresses in that a forum member suggests a fan-made Pokémon or Pokémon evolution on a topic he or she creates specifically for his or her fan-made Pokémon or evolutionary line, receives feedback and develops his or her suggestion until it is presentable enough for eventual review by PF’s Staff. If they find no obstacles or issues with the suggestion or its design, a member of the Staff shall then inform the creator on the specific thread that their suggestion is approved for future appearance in PF’s archives, proceeding to close the topic afterward.

The current rules abide new moves to be suggested alongside a new pokémon only, and are limited to two.

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