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Parameter Input
type Primary TCG type of the card.
type2 Secondary TCG type of the card.1
powertype Type of the Power.2
name Name of the Power.3
jname Japanese name of the Power, in kana and kanji.
jtrans Japanese name of the Power, translated.
effect Effect of the Power, exactly as it is written on the card.
position Position of the Power on the card.6
class Class of the card.14
doodle Whether or not the card is a hand-drawn/handwritten card.5
  • 1: Leave out if not applicable.
  • 2: Choose Pokémon Power, Poké-BODY, Poké-POWER, or Ability.
  • 3: For Powers that use Unown letters in their names, use the {{uwr}} template.
  • 4: Choose Rocket, Magma, Aqua, Galactic, Dark, or Light.
  • 5: Defaults to "no", will change font to Comic Sans if parameter entered is "yeah".
  • 6: Use Top if it is the topmost Attack/Power listed, Middle if it is between two other Attacks/Powers, Bottom if it is the bottommost Attack/Power listed, and leave out otherwise.