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Missingno RB.png This user's favorite Glitch Pokémon is Missingno..

Warning! DO NOT EDIT!

To change the words and image in this template,all you need to do is put in the different Glitch Pokémon's sprite's destination name. Unfortunately, most Glitch Pokémon's sprites are at inconvenient file names, so to look them up, simply go to the article for the desired Glitch Pokémon, and click on the sprite in the infobox (not all Glitch Pokémon articles have sprites yet, however). Simply enter the filename (except for the .png part) and the name of the Glitch Pokémon in question, and the image/text will change on your page. Say your favorite Glitch Pokémon is ゥ .4. Simply enter the following;

{{User Favorite Glitch|RBGlitch234|ゥ .4}}

It should come out as

RBGlitch234.png This user's favorite Glitch Pokémon is ゥ .4.