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Region Unknown
Debut [[{{{epicode}}}|{{{epicode}}}]]

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This infobox template is used on anime-exclusive location pages to outline basic information about the location.

How to use

Infoboxes should be used at the beginning of the page, before any introductory text.


All parameters are case sensitive.

Parameter Allowed values Notes
colorscheme List of colors » Sets the background and border colors of the template. Defaults to the content of the region parameter.
name String The name of the location in English.
characters String Optional. The name of the location in Japanese.
japanese String Optional. Japanese name in rōmaji
image File name Optional. Image of the location. Don't include File:.
imagesize String The size of the image. Must include px or em. Defaults to 200px.
caption String A caption for the image. Defaults to the content of the name parameter.
region String The location's region. If not found in a region, type None. Defaults to Unknown.
epicode String The epicode of the episode or movie with the location's debut appearance.
episode String The name episode or movie with the location's debut appearance.


Alto Mare
アルトマーレ Altomare
Alto Mare.png
Alto Mare
Region Johto
Debut Pokémon Heroes: Latios & Latias
| name = Alto Mare
| characters = アルトマーレ
| japanese = Altomare
| image = Alto Mare.png
| imagesize = 301px
| region = Johto
| epicode = M05
| episode = Pokémon Heroes: Latios & Latias