Tamamushi University Pocket Book

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Tamamushi University Pocket Book
Encyclopedia pokemonica.jpg
ISBN: None
Pages: 40
Published: July 1998
Publisher: Shogakukan logo.png
Author: Unknown
Preceded By: None
Succeeded By: Tamamushi University Note Book Mini

The Tamamushi University Pocket Book (Japanese: タマムシ大学 生徒手帳 Tamamushi University Student Handbook) is a Japanese student handbook for the fictional university Celadon University (Tamamushi University in Japanese) published by Shogakukan.

It was distributed as part of the Tamamushi University campaign run in Shogakukan Learning Magazines from March 1998 to February 1999. The pocket book was a participation prize for entrants in the Professor Exam, which was run in the August 1998 issues of Shogakukan Learning Magazines (published July 1998).

The book is paperback, and comes in a blue plastic protector. It is approximately 15 cm × 10 cm.


In Japan, Shogakukan publishes a series of educational magazines known as the Shogakukan Learning Magazines. There is a separate magazine for each grade in elementary school, from 1st Grade to 6th Grade; these magazines are simply titled Elementary School 1st Grade, etc. From the April 1998 issue (published March 1998) to the March 1999 issue (published February 1999), all six of the Shogakukan Learning Magazines ran the Tamamushi University campaign, in which students theoretically enrolled in the fictional Tamamushi University, taking exams distributed in the magazines in order for a chance to win prizes.

The August 1998 issue (published July 1998) of each of the Shogakukan Learning Magazines included a Professor Exam (博士試験 Doctor Exam), which readers could complete then submit to Shogakukan for grading. The exam contained questions about Pokémon.

All entrants received a Tamamushi University pin, a Tamamushi University Pocket Book, a personalized Tamamushi University student card, and a results sheet containing their exam results. Entrants who achieved a perfect score were granted the title of Professor (博士)—capped at 1000 entrants, with winners selected by lottery if there were more.


  • Contents and cover page (p1-2)
  • "Celadon University's 5 School Rules" (タマムシ大学 5つの校則) (p3-4)
  • "Celadon University Big Diagram" (タマムシ大学 大図解) (p5-6)
  • "Encyclopedia Pokemonica" (p6-10) — various pieces of lore about Celadon University and Poké Balls
  • "Celadon University Pokédex Number Memorization Technique" (タマムシ大学 図鑑ナンバー暗記術) (p11-16) — mnemonics to help remember Pokémon's Pokédex numbers
  • "September to December Planner" (9~12月予定表) (p17-24) — a planner for September to December 1998
  • "Notebook" (メモ用紙)
    • Pages 25-30 are ruled blank pages for notetaking, with Pokémon facts listed in the footer of each page
    • Pages 31-34 are unruled blank pages with Magikarp or Gyarados in each of the four corners, with Pokémon facts listed in the footer of each page
  • "Celadon University Student Telephone List" (タマムシ大学テレフォンリスト) (p35-38) — pages with spaces to record fellow students' phone numbers
  • "Personal & Family Details" (パーソナル&ファミリーデータ) (p39-40) — a page to record the owner's personal details and their family's details


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