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Aswell as this is a discussion page, why not discuss. I think the location of this episode will be at the Kalos Power Plant, I am almost certain actually. Ash just challenged the 4th gym, next gym will be Clemont's Gym (Prism Tower). They have to go along route 13. Which is the place where the Kalos Power Plant is located.

XY062.png Kalos Route 13 XY.png

Also as you can see on the background it has, is the same as Route 13 and the picture is for sure on one of those bridges. The name of the title states:'The Electric Labyrinth!!' With labyrinth there is most likely refered to this the power plant like the picture down below:

Kalos Power Plant XY.png

Is this enough evidence to say it the location is Kalos Route 13/Kalos Power Plant

karstvgl 18:43, 22 January 2015 (UTC)